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Do Veterans Get Free Checked Bags?

Are you a veteran? Do you know if you’re eligible for free checked bags on your airline flights? As it turns out, there are numerous advantages to being a veteran. Here’s all you need to know about getting free checked luggage.

Veterans are eligible for free checked bags on most airlines. This benefit is typically available for active duty military members and their dependents. You’ll need to show your military ID at the airport. Some airlines may limit the number of free checked bags that you can have.

If so, you may wonder if you are entitled to free checked bags. We will explain what you need to know to take advantage of this benefit. Keep reading for more information.

Can a Veteran Fly Free?

Free flights are usually available, but you should contact the Air Mobility Command terminal closest to you or the one at your desired departure location for specific information. There are also many websites that veterans can use to find free or discounted flights, such as Military.com and VetTix.org. Getting a free checked bag typically involves showing your military ID at the airport. Most major airlines will allow veterans to check one bag for free.

Veterans must have a permanent and total service-connected disability rating to be eligible for Space-A missions. To participate in the Space-A Program, veterans must have a DD Form 2765 as well as approval from the Department of Defense/Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card (TAN). The program exists to fill any surplus capacity or seating on DOD aircraft that may be available. The Department of Defense offers this as a benefit to veterans with a service-connected disability.

How Much of a Discount Do Veterans Get on Flights?

The discount for veterans on flights varies depending on the airline. Some airlines offer veterans a discount of up to 10 percent. In comparison, others offer a more significant discount of up to 50 percent. Military members can also often find discounts on car rentals and hotels. There may be some restrictions on free checked bags for veterans, such as weight limits or blackout dates. Check with your airline ahead of time to discover if you are subject to any limitations. Traveling can be expensive, so any savings can be helpful. Knowing about the benefits available to veterans can help make travel more affordable and enjoyable.

Do Military Spouses Get Free Baggage?

Spouses and dependents are allowed up to three pieces of checked baggage free, but the weight limit per bag is only 40 pounds. That is in contrast to service members, who have a 100-pound weight limit per bag. Up to five checked bags are complimentary for active duty military personnel traveling on orders (up to 100 pounds). The first checked bag is free for veterans but has a 50-pound weight limit. All other bags will incur the normal fee.

When you fly American Airlines, you can check up to five bags for free — a 100 — pound weight limit per bag. This service usually costs $25 for the first checked bag and then increases incrementally up to $200 per additional bag. While on Delta Airlines flights, you are entitled to five free checked baggage weighing 100 pounds each (rather than the standard $30 for the first bag and $40 for the second). You are allowed two free checked bags at 50 pounds each when engaging in leisure travel. 

The policies for Alaska Airlines are as follows:

  • Only active-duty military members can get discounted fares in some markets, and they must purchase tickets by phone.
  • A 15 percent discount on food is available to those with a military ID who purchase it during their flight.
  • The first five bags can weigh up to 70 pounds without costing extra. Each additional bag is $100.
  • Up to three dependents traveling on orders are eligible for $30 off their first bag (up to 50 pounds) and $100 off each additional bag.
  • Veterans Advantage members get a 5% discount.

Are There Any Other Benefits for Veterans?

Many airlines also offer other benefits for veterans, such as priority boarding and access to special lounges. Veterans may also be eligible for discounts on airfare, so it’s always worth asking about any available discounts when you’re booking your flight. In addition to free or discounted flights, veterans can also often find discounts on car rentals and hotels. Veterans may also be eligible for other benefits, such as free or discounted access to national parks, museums, and monuments. Free food, drinks, and other perks are sometimes offered to veterans at sporting events as well.

On Veterans Day, many businesses offer discounts and freebies to veterans and active-duty military members. Restaurant owners, retail workers, and other service providers often show their appreciation for veterans by offering special deals and discounts. Some food establishments offer veterans a free meal, while others offer veterans a discount of 10 percent or more. Whatever the discount may be, it’s a nice way to show appreciation for veterans and their service to our country.

Can Veterans Board First?

Veterans can often board first on domestic flights. This benefit is provided to veterans as a means of saying thank you for their service. You must provide your military ID while boarding the airline to take advantage of this incentive. In addition to boarding before First Class, some airlines, such as Alaska Airlines and Delta Air Lines, allow active-duty military personnel with proper ID to board early.

What Airlines Offer Discounts for Disabled Veterans?

As of 2019, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and JetBlue Airways all offer free checked bags for disabled veterans. In addition, the Airlines that offer discounts to disabled veterans are Alaska Airlines, Frontier, Southwest, Hawaiian Airlines, and many more. However, some airlines may restrict the number of bags that can be checked for free, so it’s always best to check with the airline before you travel.

Disabled veterans may also be eligible for other benefits when traveling by air. Many airlines, for example, provide those with impairments priority boarding. And if you’re a wheelchair user, most airlines will provide assistance getting to and from your seat. So, if you’re a disabled veteran planning to fly, check with your airline beforehand to see what perks you could qualify for.

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