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Do Veterans Get Free Groceries?

Many eateries offer free or discounted meals to service members and veterans on Veterans Day.

To show their appreciation for veterans who have served for more than one year, many of these eateries also offer discounts at other times of the year. Although free meals are becoming less common, there are always great deals on food.

Here are the best food discounts available all year long to veterans and active-duty military personnel.

Do Veterans Get Discounts on Groceries?

Three “big box warehouse” stores are strategically placed across the United States, each offering convenient locations and attractive discounts and perks to customers. Please refer to the table below for a detailed description of each storage facility:


B.J.’s offers all military personnel a discount on their membership of over 25% and a $10 coupon. New members are eligible for this discount whether they join in-club or online. Memberships to B.J.’s are $40 for the Inner Circle and $80 for the Perks Rewards program.

Sam’s Club

To join or renew as a Sam’s Club member and receive the $30 Military Member Package, you must pay $45 or $100 (plus taxes in some locations). There is a $10 Sam’s Club gift card included, as well as a free rotisserie chicken (a $4.98 value), a free lattice apple pie (an $8.98 value), free 20-count all-butter cocktail croissants (a $5.98 value), and $2 off Member’s Mark Loaded Potato Salad. This discount is available to all current and former service members, as well as their spouses.


When new service members join Costco, they can save more than $60. This unique offer is available to all active service members, veterans, and their families. Remember that not every business will promote their military discount, but that doesn’t mean they won’t give you one if you show your military ID. Keep your military I.D. handy and inquire about any possible discounts.

Fred Meyer

In-store at Fred Meyer, active-duty military members receive a 10% discount. If you are an armed forces member and want to know if and when your local Fred Meyer will offer their special military discount, you can call the store directly.

Does Walmart Give VA Discounts?

Walmart does a lot for veterans, but they don’t offer discounts to active duty or retired military. Walmart has announced its “Veterans Welcome Home Commitment,” which includes a pledge to hire 250,000 veterans. This firm has employed more than 320,000 people since November 2020.

Next, Walmart will expand its support for military and veterans by launching campaigns like those that will increase healthcare access for veterans and encourage veterans to start their businesses, as well as by expanding their community support programs and introducing their new Find-A-Future Platform, where veterans can get an audit of their skills, experience, and education.

Walmart does not provide any military discount. However, they give away millions of dollars annually to organizations that help veterans and their families.

Compared to other major retailers worldwide, Walmart consistently has some of the lowest retail prices. CVS, Dollar General, and Target are just some stores that provide military discounts.

Is Costco Free for the Military?

This offer requires proof of military service before you can redeem it. ID.me is a website you can use to complete this transaction electronically. Once you get there, you can sign up for a new Costco membership or renew your existing one.

Once you’ve joined Costco and received your discount certificate in the mail, you must present it at your neighborhood warehouse to start enjoying your membership benefits.

Costco offers a special discount to people who have served or are currently serving in the military:

  • Military Reservists
  • Ex-military personnel
  • Families of service members (current and former)

What Does the Government Provide for Veterans?

Use their helpful Benefit Finder tool to investigate the options open to you if you are a veteran in need of assistance. By answering a few questions about yourself, the Benefit Finder can help you zero in on the most relevant benefits. The following are just a few of the many forms of veteran assistance available:

Training for Veterans

Use the Post-9/11 GI Bill to fund your higher education. Veterans who served in the military after September 11, 2001, are eligible for this government benefit, which provides financial assistance for higher education. The Post-9/11 GI Bill provides up to 36 months of educational assistance.

Money for Veterans

Loan programs may be available to help veterans with various financial needs, such as purchasing a home or meeting regular living expenses. 

Care for Veterans

The United States excels in health promotion and disease prevention, primary care, mental health services, and other areas. Veterans are cared for by the Department of Veterans Affairs (V.A.). Each VA Medical Center offers this program.

Veterans with Disabilities Owed to Their Service Receive Benefits

Disability compensation is one of the benefits that may be available to you if you are injured while serving in the military. To help disabled veterans with their monthly costs, the V.A. issues a tax-free stipend to those who qualify.

A Crisis Line for Veterans

Are you a veteran experiencing difficulty or worried about a veteran who may be? Using the V.A., you can contact helpful and knowledgeable emergency personnel. Most people who offer assistance are veterans, and their services are provided in complete confidence.

Does Target Have a Military Discount?

Initially available only on Veterans Day, the discount is open all year. With some restrictions, eligible customers can save 10% off their purchase as a token of our gratitude for their service. Target has the right to change or discontinue these promotions at any time. Many benefits and opportunities are available to you with your Target Circle military discount. Members receive a lot more than just a code for a discount at Target.

What follows is a rundown of possible outcomes:

  • Emphasize Benefits for Discounts to Military Personnel
  • When you use your Target RedCard™, you can either save 5% immediately or accrue 1% in savings for later use.
  • Members can choose from a vast array of well-known products and services discounts.
  • As a special birthday gift to members, they can save 5% on a single purchase. This special offer is only suitable for the first 30 days of your life.
  • By shopping at Target, members can help determine which organizations receive financial support from the retailer.
  • Target Circle Partnerships provide customers with access to exclusive, special deals with select brands.

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