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Where Can Veterans Get Prescriptions Filled?

Veterans who have been prescribed medication for service-related injuries or illnesses may find filling those prescriptions at some pharmacies difficult. But did you know that there may be special pharmacies specifically for veterans? 

Prescriptions that must be filled quickly can be filled at VA or at a retail pharmacy in the VA Community Care Network (CCN). Depending on the type of care and a Veteran’s finances, some may have to make a copay for medication. Veterans can learn more about their benefits by visiting the VA website.

We’ll tell you where Veterans can go to fill their prescriptions. Plus, we’ll give you tips on getting the most out of your VA benefits. So read on!

How Do I Get a Prescription Filled With the VA?

All normal prescriptions must be completed and reported to a VA pharmacy. When the urgent care practitioner determines that it is medically acceptable, an emergency prescription for a maximum 14-day supply of medication without refills is offered. Urgent prescriptions can be filled at VA or a retail pharmacy in VA’s Community Care Network (CCN). Depending on the nature of the treatment necessary and their monetary status, some Veterans may have to submit a copayment for medicine. Members must pay for prescriptions filled outside of the CCN network as soon as the prescription is filled.

If you are a Veteran enrolled in Veterans Health Care, you may get your prescriptions filled at any Veterans Affairs (VA) medical facility or through the Veterans Health Administration’s (VHA) mail-order pharmacy program. You can also use a retail pharmacy in the Veterans Choice Program or Veterans Health Care Pro-Choice Program.

To fill a prescription at a VA medical facility, you must bring your Veterans Affairs Identification Card (VHIC) with you. If you do not have your VHIC, you can show another form of identification, such as a state-issued driver’s license or identification card with your name, address, date of birth, and Veterans’ designation. However, suppose you do not have any of these forms of identification. In that case, the VA medical facility staff will help you enroll in Veterans Health Care so that you can get your VHIC.

What Pharmacy System Does the VA Use?

OptumRx is a pharmacy benefits manager that processes pharmacy claims electronically for the VHA Office of Community Care (OCC) contracted retail pharmacies. There are over 66,000 pharmacies in the OptumRx network. If you go to an out-of-network pharmacy, you will have to pay the full cost of your medication and submit a claim to the VHA Office of Community Care for reimbursement.

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) runs one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical systems, serving approximately nine million Veterans each year. The Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) contracts with OptumRx to provide mail-order pharmacy services for Veterans enrolled in the Veterans Health Care Program. Prescriptions can be filled in one of three ways: by mail, phone, or online. For maintenance prescriptions that you take regularly, mail-order service is provided. You can also request one-time refills of your maintenance drugs for up to 90 days. To use mail-order service, you must enroll in OptumRx and have your prescriptions sent to their central mail-order pharmacy.

Phone-in assistance is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, you can call OptumRx to request refills of your maintenance medications or one-time refills of up to a 30-day supply of your non-maintenance medications.

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) has launched a new Veterans My HealtheVet Pharmacy page where Veterans can refill their prescriptions, track their order status, and view their prescription history. The Veterans My HealtheVet Pharmacy page is only for Veterans who get their medications through the VHA Office of Community Care contracted mail-order pharmacy provider, OptumRx. Veterans who use other pharmacies will continue to use them the same way they always have. Veterans who get their medications through OptumRx can use the Veterans My HealtheVet Pharmacy page to do the following:

  • Request refills of their maintenance medications
  • Request one-time refills of up to a 30-day supply of their non-maintenance medications
  • Check the status of their refill orders
  • View their prescription history

How Much Does the VA Charge for Prescriptions?

You won’t have to pay a copay for any medications if you are in priority group 1. This includes those whose VA rated their service-connected disability at 50% or more disabling, those determined by VA that can’t work because of their service-connected disability (unemployable), or recipients of the Medal of Honor. You also won’t have to pay a copay for any medications if you are in a Veterans Health Administration (VHA) facility and enrolling in the Veterans Choice Program.

You may be required to pay a copay for outpatient care related to conditions unrelated to your military service if you do not have a service-connected disability rating of at least 10%. The rates are listed below.


If you have a service-connected disability rating of 10% or higher, your inpatient care will be copay-free. Depending on which priority group you fall into, you will either pay the full copay rate or a reduced copay rate. For example, suppose you reside in an expensive area. Regardless of your priority group, you could qualify for a reduced copay rate on hospitalizations.

Suppose you have a service-connected rating below 40%, and your income falls at or below the cap for receiving free medications. In that case, you will want to give your income information so that the VA can see if you qualify for complimentary drugs. The Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) will send you a letter notifying you of your status and what medications are covered.

The Veterans Choice Program allows eligible Veterans to receive health care from certain non-VA providers, including urgent care centers, retail clinics, community health centers, and more. You may have to pay a copay for your medications if you’re receiving care through the Veterans Choice Program.

Can I Fill My VA Prescription at CVS?

Veterans can fill their VA prescriptions at CVS pharmacies. Veterans need to show their Veterans Health Identification Card (VHIC) to the pharmacist. Please contact the VA Pharmacy Call Center at 1-800-574-8387 if you have any queries concerning your medication. Veterans may need to make a copayment for their medication. Veterans can also fill their VA prescriptions at other Veterans Health Administration’s Community Care Network (CCN) pharmacies. Depending on the type of care required and their financial status, some Veterans may need to make a copayment for medications filled outside of the CCN network.

Can You Refill VA Prescriptions Online?

Veterans can refill their VA prescriptions online through the Veterans Affairs (VA) website. Veterans can also request refills by calling the VA or through their local VA pharmacy. To fill a prescription, Veterans must have a valid Veterans Health Identification Card (VHIC). Veterans can also refill prescriptions with their Veterans Online Application (VONAPP) card. In addition, veterans can find their nearest VA pharmacy by using the VA facility locator on the VA website. Veterans can also refill prescriptions with the Veterans Benefits Delivery Network (VBDN).

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) offers Veterans the option to receive automatic refills of their medications through the Veterans Automated Refill Line (VARL). Veterans who are enrolled in Veterans Health Care can also use My HealtheVet to request a refill of their medications. Medications will be delivered to the Veterans’ homes via mail. Veterans can also elect to have their medications delivered to their local VA pharmacy for pick-up.

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